How to Open .MAX Files

Expert Recommendations

"I used to get so frustrated trying to get that .MAX file someone sent me to open. I was told about FileCure and figured I had nothing to lose. It has really saved me lots of time."

Tom Day, San Francisco

Recommended: If you are unable to open and view .MAX files, use FileCure. FileCure is an award-winning software designed to fix file association problems. These problems occur when your system doesn't contain the right software application or when your Windows registry becomes bloated with erronous entries that damage file associations.

We highly recommend you download FileCure to get the best .MAX application and fix file association problems quickly. FileCure is 100% safe and compatible with Windows 7, XP and Vista. Both 32 & 64bit. FileCure is the recommended solution for opening .MAX files.

You can download FileCure by clicking on "Download Now" button, or clicking here.

FileCure instantly fixes those type of files:

  • Email Attachments
  • Compressed Files
  • Audio & Music Files
  • Document Files
  • Internet Downloads
  • Graphic Files     
  • Video & Multimedia Files
  • Many Other File Formats!

Three easy steps to open .MAX files and fix file association problems with FileCure:

Need help using FileCure to open your .MAX files?

Installing FileCure on your system is fast and painless. We've put together a set of detailed instructions for loading FileCure on to your system, and also removing it when you're finished with it (it's recommended to leave it installed).

How to install FileCure on your computer

To use FileCure to open your .MAX files, you first need to download the setup file on to your system. Press one of the download links above, or click here: Download FileCure setup. The file is 2.2MB and will take around 10 seconds on a broadband connection, or 2 minute on a dial-up connection.

If prompted, save the setup file to your computer's desktop.

Once you've finished downloading the FileCure installer, you'll have a file on your desktop called "ParetoLogic FileCure.exe". Double-click on this file to begin the installation process.

The installer will show you a welcome screen to let you know that the setup file opened successfully. Press "Next" to proceed. Make sure you read the End User License agreement and agree to it before pressing "Next" to begin installation.

The FileCure Setup tool will now install FileCure to your system and launch the application, which will began scanning your system for .MAX file problems.

Uninstalling FileCure

When FileCure has successfully fixed your .MAX file extension and provided you with the best application to open your .MAX files, or if you have decided you no longer need FileCure on your system, you can uninstall it easily. The uninstaller will completely remove FileCure from your system.

Use Windows' built-in uninstallation utility:
Go to your Control Panel from the Start Menu. In Windows XP, you will see an icon named "Add/Remove Programs". In Vista and Windows 7, the same functionality is behind an icon called "Programs and Features". Double-click on this icon.

Here, you will see a list of every application installed on your system. Find the entry for FileCure and click on it once to select it. An "Uninstall" button will appear (double-click in Windows 7). Pressing this will begin the FileCure uninstallation procedure.